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Sunday, August 15, 2010

secrets of Black Pepper....

Dear friends here are some tips on Black Pepper.This remedial was documented by Siddhar Teraiyar around 500 years ago.Many of us knows that pepper is a spices for our daily cooking purpose.Whereby our Theraiyar Siddhar profoundly stated in his "Theraiyar vaitiya surukkam" black pepper has a great medicinal value.
In Siddha philosophy we have this terms of word called (கற்பம்)KARPAM, means keeping the physical body in a right condition or balancing the five basic elements in its right proportion, in order to attain immortality or Jeevanmukthi {emancipation}.Therefor Siddhars has found many simple ways to keep the body in a right biological stage .Many of us failed to understand that our body is vehicle to carry our inner self to the ultimate goal but what happened here we merely indulged into this materialistic realm and find hard time to reach the sore indeed.
The Sodium (salt) level in our blood will slash the red cells called Hemoglobin,Hemoglobin contains of iron.The Hemoglobin mobilizing oxygen to all our parts of our body.If the blood contains to much of sodium the person tend to get BP and imbalance of HDL and LDL level or skin disorders like tumours and growths{ரத்தத்தில் பித்தம் கூடும் நிலை}
Siddhar THeraiyar Rhisi is giving a simple remedy to overcome this problem.Wash the black pepper and dry it and pound into fine powder form.The consuming method is, morning take a pinch of this powder add with a teaspoon of pure ghee and eat, while Evan can boiled this pepper and add brown sugar or Palm tree sugar and consume it.The duration are 96 days for better result.Another way also given by some siddha practitioner's,also a simple way of doing, early morning, before break fast, try to swallow 7 peaces of pepper and drink warm water.Gradually the person start seeing the level of immune will increase,solving indigestion disorder,the blood become purified and the cells system starts rejuvenates.

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