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If you had but the faith of a mustard seed,you could say to this mountain'"Be thou moved'" and so it would be..{Jesus Christ}

Sunday, August 22, 2010


The Easterners core theory of spirituality is reaching the true consciousness within, called SATH CHIT ANANDA, Sath means truth,Chit means consciousness and Ananda means bliss.This is the only ultimate aim for an aspirant to walk on the path of spiritual.

When the true searching starts within one self, he will indulge into him self, with the enquiry of who,what, and why ?why i am here?who am i?what is the purpose of this life?someone when to Bhagawan Buddha and asked him, who are you?Buddha was keeping silent, and he started asking him, are you a Sadhu?replied no, are you a Nyani?replied no, are you a human? replied no,than he got irritates and ask Buddha are you an animal?Buddha said no.He got annoyed and shouted at Bhagawan, than who the hell you are?

Bhagawan Buddha replied, I'm a total awareness, just mirroring each and everything....!!!!While In the process of inner searching the aspirant will find the master who had been in the path of Sadhana and attained the wisdom .Those are the great people called Sathguru.A dogma in this spiritual philosophy is "stop looking for the path and become the path"simply means, stop searching for the master while search for your self. In this persistant journey , one may find the right spiritual master and with his guidance, you may elevate to the higher dimensions .
"தன்னை அறிந்தால் தனக்கொரு கேடில்லை....."
"தன்னை அறிந்து இன்பமுற வெண்ணிலாவே"
means know Thy Self....

We are aware of many things happening surrounding us.How many of us aware of ourselves?We are not human being with spiritual experiences but spiritual beings with human experience. How many of us aware of this ideal statement???Each human has created in such away, whereby he can creates whatever he wants or manifest, never to other living beings on the Earth.A precious Gold mining has left abandoned many-many births abroad.

Hey man! i understood what you are saying, but than where do i starts..?Do i need to look for the Guru,do i need to become a vegetarian,do i need to trivialize my surroundings or do i need to go to Himalayas?The only criteria which can lead to the ultimate truth is the utmost thirst of self enquiry.Without this thirst of self searching ,you may not find any purpose of the great masters in your live journey.Many of them are manipulating the royal ideal path of spiritual without knowing the real essence ."When the student is ready the master will appear" simple as it.......prepare our self towards the journey instead of searching for Guru's or wasting our time running behind them.Understand something, the real masters don't like the followers, because their existence on the earth merely to make you as an enlightenment beings so that you can light thousands and thousand for others.MANY out there are in the comfort zone of being followers instead of understanding the REALITY.

If he goes off, than we tend to look for the other person to comfort us.How long do we tentatively going to do this ?Its going to be an endless journey indeed, because we have already mesmerized by someone unconsciously and we lost our individuality and identity.So dependent will remain certain, when dependent dominates you, there you go!! very subliminal slavery thoughts starts acquiring within you and starts slashing you from the total independent or WISDOM.........Its occurred very subliminally to most of us without our consent,result???? we become the blind in the dark room with thousands and thousands uncertain thoughts and dilemma's forever.A life full of questions and unsettled business !!!!! Is this our reality???
Here to remind you again...A great awareness,peace,silent and bliss is hiding in you ,go back to you nature...BY NATURE ALL, ARE A BUDDHA, BUT WITH OUR IGNORANCE WE NURTURED OUR LIVES INTO MISSERIES..........!!!!! love all....

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