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Monday, July 11, 2011

success and satisfaction

Success will never arrive buy luck its purely will happen by law...Western theory says one can achieve success by cultivating an individual mind pattern whereas Eastern theory says the same but in addition it includes another important factor which many are unaware about it. The right way of using the mind, he may acquire success and ...achieve whatever he desired but definitely another important element will be missing indeed. What is the 99.9% missing element in human life??SATISFICATION!!!!!

Externally there are many successful people luxurious house, car unlimited bank balance and so on but then within them they are missing so much of inner peace and harmony, to many unwanted struggles emotional defects. Victory means not just win over the materialistic reality but also psychological too.Many have train the mind to move outward to attain wealth but fail to train the same mind to achieve the satisfaction and inner harmony,therefor the equilibrium has dropped and struggling remains, though they are so called rich.

The Eastern theory well explain that one has to prepare towards the both dimension.The teachings of our great yogis are not only to train the individual physically but also psychologically too......

வெளியே பெரிய பெரிய கார், பங்களா ,புகழ், கௌரவம் எல்லாம் உண்டு, உள்ளே துக்கம் துயரம் சோகம் மனஉளைச்சல் போன்ற குப்பைகளும் உண்டு.....இது எப்படி வெற்றி ஆகும் ???

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