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Monday, September 26, 2011

Hidden mystical blocks and obstacles......

The Ancient Hindu seers has discovered a negative mystical knots or curse which influences human progress and causing unpleasant events, sufferings throughout the life spend. This may also define as a negative legacy which drains down even by generations. This may not understood very clearly by logic or reasoning mind but it has a very strong impact on human. They define this as a {SABHAM} curse and categories this in a various root caused. Here I enclosed the 6 types of CURSE which found in our ancient text.

1} PREHTHA SHABAM{பிரேத சாபம்}: - Human body has circulated by 5 major air’s or vayu’s and 5 substitute vayu’s which taking charge of all the functions of our anatomy.The vaayu called DHANANJAYA which surrounded above Uvula {உள்நாக்கு} will remain in and while all the 9 vaayu’s dispels from the dead body.Approximates duration of 72 hours the heat of the body reduces and it starts swelling.The decomposing of the cells will take place with the support of DHANANJAYA air, finally the Vaayu travels to the top head skull and dispels out by creaking it. That the reason why we perform the ritual of applying oil on the head while the funeral prayers.According to our seers during this decomposing process the vayu creates a negative radius around 88 ft abroad , together with the grieve thought waves which produces by the family members and surroundings.The research shows even after the death of the person, he or she may not really relief from the earthly thoughts and desires and the acceptance of the death towards the person is very subjective and unbearable..This will cause a strong negative waves 88 ft’s around the area.Now how does this creating a Dhosam or Shabam...
Any deeds took place while this occurring like fighting for property issues,having affairs while the dead body is around,non veg food consuming or performing a pooja withing the specific due of the procession day’s may cause PREHTHA SHABAM..also if the final death ceremony was failed to perform in the right way.We are not only physically exit but also there are 4 more astral layers in us called SOOKUMA SAREERAM’s .

2} DEIVA DEVA SHABAM{தெய்வ சாபம் & தேவ சாபம்}:- Our South Indian people has a very authentic tradition of worshipping the warriors and ancestor's {காவல் தெய்வங்கள்}.
{நாகர் வழிப்பாடு நடுகல் வழிப்பாடு} This both worshipping tradition has found in our Sangakaala literature..NAAGAR VALZHIPAADU worshipping snakes and NADUKAL VALZHIPAADU worshipping our bravely worriers who is like a ROBIN HOOD taken care the welfare of the villagers.Evan in another 50 years time VEERAPAAN and Prabhagaran pillai TAMIL ELAM who was shot dead will be listed in this,now it self the villagers at SATYAMANGALAM and MATTAKAALAPU district has already worshipping VEERAPAN and PRABHAGARAN {THALAIVAR PRABHAGARAN still is very subjective matter } .This Kuladeiva worships not only found in our tradition but also in most of the Asian culture as well.I've a met a Shaman lady from California while i was in India for my Yoga practice. She has been shared many secrets on the Universal energy, Animals instinct , ancestral guides and communicating with them also inviting them though.It has clearly shown that our forefathers has a strong faith in this worships and tradition.From my point of view there could be many reasons why our TAMIL people in this country is going through so much of of the main reason we have forgotten our ancestral KULADEIVA worships and ignore it totally . It may sound very stupid but i my self has experienced many guidance from them and also sharing this to my surroundings.Those entities are still existing in the higher dimension which has the easy access to get their blessings and guidance.So caused of the curse is found whereby not performing a regular prayers for them indeed . Also another school of thought saying that the curse also will occurs from a great saint , holy person , sadhus and someone who indulge them self into divine surrender {BHAKTI YOGAM} . Someone in the generations who disturbed the harmony or the equilibrium of their peacefulness may also caused the DEVA SHABAM too. It is stated very profoundly in Thirumoolar Thirumantiram.

3} SARPA {Paambooooooooooooo} SHABAM {KANNI SHABAM}{சர்ப்ப சாபம் & கன்னி சாபம்} :- There are two school of thoughts are here.
A} by harming the snakes especially NAGAM and COBRA’s will creates a strong curse throughout the generation.I've written my personal analysis on the mystics of the snakes in earlier article please refer to it in my blog.
B} A brutal betrayals done to a lady or a virgin . Empty promises given to the widow or to helpless single mother.Taking advantage of a in saint woman.
4} PITRU SHABAM :- Ignoring the Parents at thier old age and reluctant to give them the welfare and care. Any desires which is not fulfilling the end of thier breath or physical or mental sufferings will creates the Pitru Shabam.Like wise a unpleasant death unexpected accidents , suicidal , traumatic sudden death and murders also causing the Pitru Shabam.The soul could not access into the SOUL world and start hoovering in our Earth
astrally by holding the worries and pains which was happened to them.

5} ABICCHAARA SHABA { அபிச்சார சாபம்}M:- A very negative waves which occurs by black magic deeds.By using some forceful negative deity to disturb someone or a family harmony by an evil force.{ஏவல், பில்லி, சூனியம்}. The tantric theory is saying for those who a are sufferings from this ABICCHAARA shabam will take at lease 12 years to get relief from it, but than in between if the person happen to meet a SIDDHA or SAINT the evil force will be demolished by thier grace.For those who are attempt doing this to others with bad intention will suffers 99 years and it will carry forward to thier generations as well.We are protected by our KULADEIVAM and UOORDEIVAM so it is not that easy to harm someone by black magic and of course the the individual natal planetary positions also plays a major role.Just some example which took place while this ABICCHARA PRAOGAM.....the food will change colour or turn bad after a while , the food will produce a dirty faeces small , will hear a hard knocking sound at the door , like wise some one is running around the house with knocking the walls , a continues scary dreams cause restless sleep , sudden financial collapse , becoming mental asylum and talking and laughing to him as well . All those symptoms are merely by this evil attacks.

6} DRISTHI SHABAM{திருஷ்டி சாபம்} :- Supposing someone died with lots of desires and wishes he or she will find difficulties to enter into SOUL wise someone with a great enthusiasm towards success had a sudden attacked and died also will be moving around the Globe with unfinished business.Those souls will look for the people whom they can fulfilled their unfinished business . Possession is one of this phenomena and sometimes getting into trans also may caused by this . A soul overlapping or soul attachment into another body . My personal experience's while i was in South India . I've met this lady who is not that educated in a village called AHYAKKUDI THENKAASI who can translate SANSKRIT text to TAMIL if she gets into trans . Later we knew that she was brought up by a Bramin Ayer who is a Sanskrit scholar who died on her lap . Disingenuously he is possessing in to her body when she feels alone and needs guidance..Well this is positive phenomena but there are lot of bad possessions too .Commonly infants or small children's will effected by this , they will screaming suddenly in the middle of the night and pointing to a certain corner of the room. Also we are familiar with MOHINI possessions its just a unmarried lady who died with lots of wishes and desires .

Well all this are the very hidden mystical sides of the obstacles which may stop our growth and progress . If someone who is very good at making decision and very lateral thinker with great interpersonal skills whom is struggling to move further in thier carrier of family issues please consider those hidden blocks and sort it of . I’m writing this article to give some insight on hidden blocks.......

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