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Sunday, June 5, 2011

About Siddha Varma Healing

Varma Sastra belongs to the very ancient Siddha Tradition rising from the South of ancient India, present day Tamil Nadu. The word ‘Siddh’ means ‘perfected’, hence its Ancient Founders and Keepers, the Tamil Sages are known as the ‘Siddhas’, ‘perfected beings’. The Siddhas and their spoken tradition, is revered for its un-paralleled knowledge and clarity about Existence and how the forces of Nature encased in the human body happen to make it a living organism of complex functioning. Their penetrative vision of this Basic truth substantially propels the tradition’s unique healing spirit to shine bright.

Recent times have seen the entirety of Siddha tradition finding its way back into the world. Even its lesser known or hidden dimensions are being widely sought for their ever-prevalent wisdom and guidance to living a refined and authentic life, spiritually and otherwise. Varma Sastra is one of them.

Siddha Vaidya, the well known medicinal dimension of the Siddha tradition, is globally followed even today and now their ancient therapeutic dimension of Varma art makes its timely way ahead to meet the urgent needs of today’s human society. It comes as an integrated healing platform to alleviate the rising number of chronic and acute disorders claiming the lives of many today and simultaneously hint at the preciousness of human existence and the ways of guarding human life-force for a qualitative and respectable life-expression.

So far Varma Science was kept hidden like other Siddha Tradition dimensions, spreading down the generations only by word of mouth from Master to Disciple creating a long and revered traditional oral-lineage.

Although many misinformed ones have likened the therapeutic use of Varma to acupuncture-acupressure-like treatment but it differs not only on the basis of the locations of the healing points, but also on the principle of healing itself. The principles of Varma science run deeper, demanding a higher responsibility which is why it could not commonly spread like the other dimensions. It is the most vital manner of healing available as the therapy takes accesses to the most primal life-energy within human form.

In order to completely cure a suffering individual’s disease the recognition and comprehension of the disorder in its entirety is imperative, without which the healing is temporary or partial. According to the available knowledge of the complex functioning of the human organism Healing sciences around the world are working hard to provide relief to human suffering. Even if so, in our human society the list of incurable diseases unfortunately steadily grows. Most curative measures face a lack of holistic understanding of the complex functions and fall short in pointing to the triggers which generate adversity in it and so eventually come face to face with their inability to provide complete freedom to an individual from the suffering.

The integrated and holistic platform of Varma healing can alleviate an illness and offer the experience of ‘health’ in its truest sense by bringing forth purest life-energy from its ethereal realm right down to the physical body. This pure life-energy, uncontaminated by anything is inherent within the human body. Being pure and uncontaminated this vital energy has immense healing potential or is Health itself which is why it can offer the same to the body and mind suffering illness and disease. The fresh release or stimulation of this life-energy provides the patient with a new and refreshed sense of his body, mind and hence his life. He can very well go on to live a pain free life, provided he does not re-contaminate his refreshed life-energy by factors which actually invited the illness in the first place. These triggers could vary from being external, internal, or body-mind related factors etc.

Through Varma therapy the influence, memory and induced effects of such triggers can be discarded from the mind level as well as the physical/ cellular level by which the individual naturally falls into the experience of his own life-energy prior to contamination. To remain and sustain in pure health the triggers or ‘inessentials’ (whether they be mind patterns or gross habits) are to be eradicated and expelled from one's lifestyle.

The Siddha’s healing spirit soars above any disorder or its trigger and is amply able to support discarding away the ‘inessentials’ making way for better living. Their visionary revelations describe the significance of inherent connectivity in all of life and its movement to be most vital, whether it is Nature around us or the nature of our body. The fluidity and inter-connectivity of this life-energy within the human form is what determines our quality of health. The flow of life-energy is designed for optimal functioning of the human organism and the healthy performance of its vital organs. Along the path of flow, given locations exhibit as junctures or blocks of a sort, also pre-designed. These locations or junctions are what we define as Varmams and flowing life-energy at that spot is known as vital force. These spots are therefore extremely vital as they exhibit the otherwise inaccessible and primal life-energy at a gross or physical level, making them accessible for contact or communication.

When, due to a trigger of any sort this flow of life- energy within our body gets hindered, it suffers a change in working nature. Such alterations can be attended to at these pre-determined spots. These vital spots or Varmams register the imbalance and are open to alteration or balancing by therapeutic means. Simultaneously the hindered flow expresses through symptoms and ailments at our mind or body level, indicating the disorders, which is why treating the symptoms or medicating the mind without correcting the hindered flow can bring only partial relief.

According to Varma Science, therapy to these vital-spots or access-ways to our deeper being serves to bring the deviated flow of life-energy back to its original path.

This pure life-energy stands primal to the physical/gross structure of human form which includes the formation of the arteries, veins, lymph, nerve, tendon or meridians or even between mind and matter, which is why in their palm scripts the ancient Tamil Siddhas make no precise distinction between them. Instead they concerned themselves with the system of forces within the body which actually enable man to move, breathe, digest and think. They describe the body as an organized living organism constantly being broken down and built up - without its identity being destroyed in any way.

The word Varmam literally means “bubbling stagnant energy”. These bubbling energy pools found in specific locations all over our body are responsible for every vital function that our body carries out. This tells us that their locations - at or near the major neural plexuses, major endocrinal glands or the vital soft parts, muscle junctions, joint spaces, and other important blood vessels etc. In simpler terms we can say that it is in these places that our vital force or our life-force – Prana - is present in abundance.

Due to various external or internal factors when these spots register an imbalance they are unable to carry out their pre-determined function optimally at which point we begin to experience the signs of illness or disease on the physical or mental/emotional level. To refresh the imbalance, Varma therapy adopts basic steps such as:

• Unwinding blocked Varma spots
• Varma Nerve Massage - making the flow of life-energy unhindered
• Nadis (energy channels) Massage - to enhance the relevant function of each of the vital organs
• Energy sharing Varma massage – for enhancing bio-permeability of nerves and Tissue de-toxification
• Relaxation of adjacent muscles by massage
• Recommended Exercises to be included in daily routine
• Pure herbal supplements and dietary guidance as supportive measures

These applications responsibly applied by an authorized Varma Therapist bring harmony in the individual’s body-mind-spirit by returning the flow of life-energy to its natural course. This being the most accessible form of primal life energy within the human form, it is inherently pure in nature and has no affinity to contamination. Hence it considers any disease alien, whether it be a simple cold or cough or a chronic disease like cancer, diabetes etc. Human life-energy in its purest form stands free of memory of disease. In which case we can ask ourselves – what about Genetic or congenital disorders?
In cases of congenital or genetic disorders we can repeat the same principle –Life-energy knows itself before any contamination or imbalance and hence the therapy for treating genetic imbalances involves shaking off the acquired genetic pattern and simultaneously propelling the natural memory already inherent within Life-energy to actually emerge and take its rightful place in our individuality.

Awareness about health and its adversaries is spreading widely in Human society. Every individual is being made aware of all factors involved in bringing dignified living. Of course, this awareness comes as hindsight! Once a specific nature of disease has attacked a portion of society by the way of their lifestyle, the other half of society learn about it and tries to apply precautions. These are the new age lifestyle diseases. The intense pursuit of achieving goals has given way to a number of diseases and disorders that may not be termed fatal but readily snatch away peace of mind, making life hard to live. Stress related diseases, psychological imbalances fall into this very category. Insomnia, hyper tension, high blood pressure, nervous agitation, anorexia, dual personalities etc. are examples of such diseases.

Even though the advent of the Siddha tradition dates back to primordial times, their divine visions extolled the onset, the triggering factors and the remedies for all of the above diseases and many more. How environment, habits, attitudes, actions and mind patterns are all participants in making or breaking what we call a healthy body; how significant discrimination is in choosing the inputs or influences in our daily lifestyle as it makes us who we are. In recent times gone by these insights were discarded as mere notions but have now become a prominent part of conscious or mindful living in the people of today.

As modern science continues to study and name diseases as they encounter them, Varma science already carries the wisdom not only for the curative measures but even explains the causative platform so as to prevent the same from occurring. Due to the growing awareness, Human society feels the need for this nature of insight and guidance to alleviate the unknown and incomprehensible diseases fast surfacing in humans.
Society has now begun to recognize the value of health and healthy living which is an ideal supportive foundation imperative for the healing results of Varma therapy to sustain and continue to empower the lives of people towards happy living-ness.

Freeing an individual from a habit or addiction fatal to life-force itself is a primary crisis within society. Innumerable lives are at stake and the families of those involved suffer watching their loved ones degenerate without dignity. The ancient Sages have described where within our body we succumb to these kinds of patterns. Their manuscripts offer the vital understanding of the human organism and its mode of function and their teachings give us the possibility of eradicating the deep-set addictive patterns and rejuvenating our spirit, so the possibility of being free of destructive habits is available. How we apply and assimilate the therapeutic measures into our lives is up to us.

Recognizing how important and valuable this nature of healing could prove for numerous people around the world, Healer Pal has been driven to spread the therapeutic aspect of this ancient art for the first time to the western world


  1. Dear Sir,

    This blog posted June 5, 2011 on Siddha Varma has been copied by you from my website and/ or, The article was written by my teacher, Siddha Healer Pal Pandian, of Tiruvannamalai. I am happy for many people to have this proper introduction to Siddha Healing Sir. It would be nice and both honest and beneficial to yourself Sir to quote your source for such subtle yet profound words.
    As I am sure you are aware true Siddha healers are not easily found save those schooled in the institutions now found in India. However, a native learned and profoundly humble Healer as is Sir Pal Pandian is indeed rare. Our lineage is traced to Siddha Agasthyiar. As mentioned Healer Pal resides in Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu, and I here in the USA, and under his tutelage have opened the first Varma Healing clinic outside of India....ever. It is my humble and divine pleasure serving humanity in this fashion and it brings me great joy.

    Arunachala Siva,

    Steve Grissom

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