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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

COSMIC DANCE (Arudra Darshan)

A science of Arudra festival
ARUDTRA DARSANAM (Athirai thirunaal) which is falling on 21st night 22nd early morning at 4am of December 2010..The purpose of human life on the earth according to Eastern methodology is back to state of Nature means elevate to the higher consciousness of eternal bliss (SAT CHIT ANANDA).To elevate towards this consciousness, one must be able to connect himself with the higher consciousness, without dropping our karma and samskaras its impossible to attain this stage....
A thought is leading to an action and an action is producing a reaction (law of-cause and effect) those reaction is forming a strong imprint in the ether (Akash) and in our subconscious (chittam) as well. The cycle continuously repeating in many births as we know. If the mind is keep on repeating the same phenomena means it has already been programmed very deeply in our subconscious stage..The way to get rid of this unwanted subconscious routine one must have a strong mental awareness call athma Viccharana simple means the balance between mind and intellects (Manas & Arivu).
There are some events are occurring in our cosmic due to the positions of constellation's and planets in our galaxy .One of the event called ARUDRA DARSAN..In Hindu astrology we have 27 nakchatiras (constellation)Aswini-Revaty,among this 27 constellation THIRUVATIRAI (ORION )nakchatira is the biggest and bright full star and its belongs to Lord Siva..
On Arudra day Orion star groups is forming a design in our sky and it’s similarly looks like the dance of lord Nataraja(see the pictures below).This will appear in South-East (ESAANYA THISAI) direction on our galaxy. During on that night our Moon, Earth and Orion star groups will be in a straight vertical line in their position. As I said the occurring of this phenomenal event on the sky producing a strong DIVINEMAGANATIC RADIATIONS from South-East direction which our Satyaloka located according to our Puranas or spiritual location of higher celestial beings...
During this period, performing poojas,meditation or mantra chantings will gives a tremendous spiritual and mental strength.Scientifically ORION group of stars very much contained of Sodium,Magnisium and Iron which needed in our body .Magnisium and Iron is important to form the blood cells.On this day the rays from those combination will directly effect on our body and brain therefor our anssestors discovered performing any spiritual or metapsychic rituals will demolish our past life blueprint in our subconscious leval.

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  1. Nice Blog.Thank you for giving THIRUVATIRAI details.I will Perform this homam to Increased longevity and healthy life.