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Saturday, September 11, 2010

The mystics of sound (நாதப்ரம்மம்)

Sound is the vibration of air molecules,which we measure by pulses per second,or hertz.The vibrationf of molecules create solidity,sound,colour,light and all living beings.Light vibrates at a very high frequency manu octaves above sound waves.White light is a frequency range(like sound) called the visible light spectrum (VLS),which breaks down into color.RED is the lowest frequency,violet the highest,and it goes
red,orange,yellow,green,blue,indigo,violet.This means you resonate with higher frequencies by wearing violet and lower frequencies by wearing red.
Which is why Saints wear violet robes and barflies wear red dresses.THese simple octives underlie all matters;Everything is made of vibrations.Once this is fully comprehended,it makes sense that the many dimentions could form in planes where certain frequencies vibrate.We cannot see or hear extremely high dimentions,just as we cannot hear sound much above the range of the piano keyboard.But literally anything could be vibrating in these higher zones,but such things would not be physical as we are in 3D.

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